In-Class Program

1. Highway Transportation System
*Understanding the H.T.S
*Your First Driver’s License
*Sharing the Road
*Responsibilities of Road Users
(Video:Driving in Traffic”)

2. Traffic Control Devices and
Administrative Laws

*Traffic Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings
*General Information
*Demerit Point System
*Rules of the Road
(Video: “Traffic Control Devices”)

3. Physical and Mental Health
*Alcohol and the Law
*Effects of Alcohol on Vision
(Video: “Pre-Driving Protocol”)
(Video: “Driver Input Controls”)

4. Knowing Your Vehicle & Preliminaries
*Cockpit Drills
*Vehicle Controls
*Blind Spots
*Approach to Vehicle
*Pre-Driving Protocol
(Video: “Road Rage”)

5. Basic Maneuvers
*Steering and Visual Tracking
*Acceleration and Braking
*Entering and Leaving Traffic

6. Defensive Driving
*The S.I.P.D.E
*Managing Time and Space
*Adapting to the H.T.S
(Video: “Space Management and Space Cushion”)

7. Laws of Physics
*Friction and Gravity
*Kinetic Energy and Inertia
*Force of Impact

8. Stopping Distance and Restraint System
*Time and Distance
*Danger Zones
*Braking Techniques

9. Driving Techniques
*Basic Rules
*Urban, Rule and Expressway Environment
*Turning and Parking
(Video: “Turning Maneuvers”)
(Video: “Intersections”)
(Video: “Expressway Driving”)
(Video: “Right of Way”)
(Video: “Parking Maneuvers”)

10. Adverse Conditions
*Road Conditions
*Visual Conditions
*Winter Conditions
(Video: “Adverse Conditions”)

11. Emergency Conditions
*Vehicle Failures
*Driver Error
*Emergency Vehicles
*Unusual Occurrences
(Video: “Emergency Situations”)

12. The Engine and Powertrain
*The internal combustion engine
*The cooling system
*The Lubrication System
*The Electrical System
*The Fuel System
*The Exhaust System
*Power Train
*Boosting a vehicle

13. The Chassis

*The Suspension System
*The Steering System
*The Brake System
*The Body

14. Owning a Vehicle
*Deciding to Buy
*Choosing a vehicle
*Financing your purchase
*Insuring a vehicle

15. Planning a Trip
*Choosing a safe route
*Preparing the vehicle
*Preparing yourself
*Planning the route

16. Hands-on Vehicle Maintenance
*Changing tires
*Rotating tires
*Checking all fluids
*Changing oil
*Checking & changing Fuses
*Checking Brakes
*Checking suspension

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